I just wanted to note the recent passing of a few wonderful musicians who have meant so much to me, and will continue to do so..

My great friend and fellow musician, Essam Rashad 1935 – 2020. Composer, master oud and violin player. He played with such passion and joy, and freeness, and with great depth. All part of the man himself.

The most beautiful cello player, passionate, sensitive with such a unique depth and tone……a wonderful composer and friend .. David Darling.  1941 – 2021

Jon Christensen 1943 – 2020 Jon was a beacon for me, a drummer of such beauty and individuality, a master of such delicate feel and touch with the most powerful effect on me, always.



Feb 2021

A new quartet album released on Leo Records

‘Last train to Narvskaya’

Alexey Kruglov, Paul May, Carolyn Hume and Oleg Yudanov



OCT 2019

  • The Leo Records 40th Anniversary Tour in Russia starts on the 19th Oct to the 24th Oct 2019, Hume and May will be playing 6 shows in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
  • New album release ‘From the Forest Above’  Fourth Page
  • New album release ‘KILL THE LIGHTS’ Paul May & Carolyn Hume Leo records Sept 2019